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No one gave me permission to build a career in the health and wellness field, to start a podcast, to write a book, or become a speaker. Making your dreams a reality is something you must take control over. If you wait around for someone to give you the green light to pursue your passions, you’ll never be able to move forward.

Every single successful person I’ve interviewed has had the audacity to write their own permission slip, and today’s guest is no exception. When I asked Lori Harder how she landed ten magazine covers, she explained that in every single instance, she relentlessly pitched her story. She put in the time, the persistence, and she granted herself permission. 

On this episode, Lori is sharing her incredible story of overcoming deeply ingrained limiting beliefs, speaking your dreams into reality, and what can happen when you choose to reframe negative events in your life. Lori’s mission is to help you create a life you’re obsessed with, and I’m positive this interview will inspire you to give yourself permission to do so. Enjoy!  

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How removing yourself from your environment can spark change. 
  • Lori’s journey to becoming a 10-time magazine cover story.
  • The importance of being faithful in your path.
  • How having an accountability partner can help you achieve results.
  • Why being relentless is the key to success. 
  • The truth about motivations and how they can change over time.
  • How reframing your circumstances can help you gain perspective. 
  • The power that words have to change your reality. 
  • What it means to create meaning from painful events in your life. 
  • How to build a nurturing environment for yourself. 
  • The differences between embracing pain and resisting pain. 
  • Why having a morning mantra can change your reality. 
  • How building a strong tribe can help you unlock ideas and insights. 
  • The meaning of comeback rate. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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