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You may be shocked to hear that most of us are terrible at burning fat today. It’s not because we’re not trying hard, it’s not because we’re not capable--it’s because our metabolism has been programmed to burn glucose instead of burning fat. Let me explain…

Since time immemorial, humans have survived with very little carbohydrates in our diet. Carbohydrates, as you’re probably aware, are the big gun behind spiking glucose and filling your cells with glucose reserves. Carbs fill your cellular piggy bank that you pinch off of all the time. If there’s easy access glucose available, that’s what your body’s going to burn for fuel. Burning fat is a much harder job, biochemically speaking. So, why in the world would your body go through the trouble to break down and spend stored body fat when it’s got so many glucose coins around? Short answer: It won’t.

This wouldn’t even be such a problem if it weren’t for the fact that we’re swimming in carb-dominant foods today. Some with a little longer history… potatoes, rice, beans, and sweet fruit. And some that we've literally made up within the past few decades that have some folks strung out like Pookie in New Jack City… Pop Tarts, Honey Buns, Hot Pockets, Captain Crunch, Cheetos, and Oreo Cookies. I know each and every one of them well, for I, too, was a metaphorical Pookie. My cells were made of the remnants of Oreos and Pop Tarts, and I was a sugar-burner of the highest order. When the carbs weren’t coming in on a steady drip, I was lost. And I couldn’t workout enough to keep my body in balance. Enter my fat-burning revelation…

Once I learned that you can essentially reset your metabolic machinery to burn fat instead of glucose, I was able to workout LESS, eat MORE of the foods I loved, and have an even BETTER body composition than when I was logging in more hours at the gym.

Today’s episode is about one of the most effective ways to reset your body to burn fat for fuel. There are other ways to the prize, but this one can certainly be the most rewarding. It’s not just the benefits that you see with your body composition, but with improved cognitive function, greater levels of energy and stamina, reduced inflammation, and better health of your cells and organs overall. New York Times bestselling author Mark Sisson is on today to talk about The Keto Reset Diet and provide you with another tool you can add to your superhero utility belt. Click play, take good notes, and enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How chronic cardio (and an accompanied high carbohydrate diet) eventually led Mark to a big wake up call.
  • Why we often think we should just “try harder” if we’re not getting the results we want.
  • What lifestyle factors endurance athletes should consider to effectively improve their results.
  • What a ketogenic diet actually is.
  • Why the human body is designed to efficiently store and burn body fat.
  • What it means to be metabolically flexible.
  • Why your body is far less likely to burn stored body fat if you’re constantly eating carbohydrates.
  • The truth about the amount of carbohydrates that humans evolved eating.
  • How eating candy and eating bread can have the same effect on your metabolism.
  • Which one becomes insulin resistant first: fat cells or muscle cells.
  • Why fruit was the perfect food to help humans fatten up as we evolved.
  • The surprising amount of ketones your body can produce each day.
  • The difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis.
  • Why keto strips are a poor indicator of healthy ketosis.
  • The impact that insulin has on ketosis.
  • Who needs to be more cautious when trying a ketogenic diet.
  • The benefits of MCT oil.
  • How stress can be a hindrance to a successful ketogenic diet.
  • What some of the biggest mistakes are that people make on a ketogenic diet.
  • Simple tests to see if you’re ready to take a deep dive into ketosis.
  • Why a fast metabolism might be the opposite of what you really need.
  • Why developing the SKILL of reading your appetite is so important (the cheesecake example!).
  • Why not having any food post-workout might carry some nice health benefits.
  • Where the Atkins Diet slipped up (hint: plastic cheese!).
  • The delicious healthy fats you can enjoy doing The Keto Reset Diet.
  • Whether or not exogenous supplemental ketones are effective.
  • What concerns you should have about nutrient deficiencies on a ketogenic diet.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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