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There’s a lot more to healing than meets the eye. Whether you’re healing from a tough workout, or healing from a chronic heart condition, numerous forces have to come together make it happen.

Hormones, lymphocytes, inflammatory cytokines, and several other intelligent entities in your body take action to set the ship right when things go wrong. You can either help or hinder your system from doing it’s job. And these are the facts.

If you get a big cut on your arm, and you pack the cut full of crumbled up M&M’s, chances are it’s not going to heal properly. However, if you apply some fresh aloe, and you take some natural anti-inflammatories that also support recovery, like the active compound in turmeric (curcumin), you are supporting your body in normal healing. So, yes, nutrition and smart hygiene matter in recovery, but there’s something else that gets overlooked.

Research shows conclusively that your mind and thoughts have a huge impact on the healing (or lack thereof) of your body. Stress, pessimism, worry, anger, depression… all of these things suppress your body’s natural healing capabilities. Try as your body may, it’s very difficult to make the changes you truly need when your mind-body connection is not in sync. That’s why today’s show is so important.

Today we are covering some of the most valuable insights on strengthening your mind-body connection. To help us out, we are fortunate to have on Tristan Truscott who has an amazing story of healing, and coming back from a place that many other people would’ve long given up on. He’s going to share his immense wisdom and provide you with some crucial tips that will likely last you a lifetime. Now, on to the show!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why you can appear to be tough on the outside but still scared on the inside
  • How helping others to protect themselves nearly destroyed Tristan’s health.
  • How you can easily be distracted from the pain signals your body is trying to send you.
  • Why physical problems are often a results of a deeper issue.
  • Why investing your energy to helping others can make you healthy as well.
  • The surprising impact that qigong has on sleep quality.
  • How qigong actually works to reduce stress and accelerate healing.
  • How movement meditations integrate stress-defense into your tissues.
  • Why stress aggravates depression.
  • What it means to “scratch up the CD” of your negative memories.
  • How reducing stress can result in weight loss.
  • How your body absorbs energy from far more than food.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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