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Have you ever thought about how long you will live? Have you ever considered what the late years of your life might look like? Just because aging is inevitable doesn’t mean that we have to sit back as our minds and bodies deteriorate over time.

While there is no fountain of youth, and no one can predict the future of medical advances, we aren’t totally helpless. There are certain tools and strategies you can take advantage of now to ensure not only a longer life, but a longer quality of life. In Dr. Steven Gundry’s new book, The Longevity Paradox, he highlights new research linking our quality of life to the overall function and health of our microbiomes.

On today’s show, Dr. Gundry is sharing incredible tips about sustaining longevity through your current habits and behaviors. You’ll learn about cultivating a healthy microbiome, how to eat for longevity, and how to protect your brain health as you age. I find Dr. Gundry’s work to be incredibly enlightening and empowering and I hope this episode will inspire you to become even more proactive about your health, and change the way you think about aging. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The shocking truth about our changing death rates.
  • What Dr. Gundry learned from living in a Blue Zone.
  • The importance of cultivating a youthful microbiome.
  • How your microbiome can control your appetite and cravings.
  • Why “calories in, calories out” doesn’t paint the full picture.
  • How the human microbiome has evolvedover time.
  • The gold standard procedure for diagnosing Celiac disease.
  • How to promote diversityof your microbiome.
  • Why mucus is important for longevity.
  • The link between your skin and your gut health.
  • How antibiotics end up in our food supply (even when it’s labeled antibiotic free)!
  • The two main killersof the microbiome.
  • How modern farming practices destroy the microbiome and contribute to leaky gut.
  • Why eating six small meals a day is harmful for longevity and brain health.
  • What the calorie restriction mimicking diet is.
  • Why changing your diet seasonallyis good for your microbiome.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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