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Where did we get the idea that a tight, toned core was the ideal thing to have? Aesthetics have long been a part of human culture, for sure. But, collectively WE get to choose what’s beautiful… and WE get to choose what’s ideal.

Did you know that in some cultures, having some jelly on your belly is actually a sign of good health and wealth? True story. Not every culture values the sacred six-pack. And that’s ok. Because I think that all of us are missing the point.

The most important thing about our core is that it actually works! The muscles, fat, and fascia that make it up. Plus, all of the internal organs inside of it are what really give it significance. There are some folks with some nice fat on their waistline with phenomenal health in the function of their core. While there are also people with shredded six-packs whose core function is about as good as one of those traveling carnival rides. Sure, I know this looks like a dependable rollercoaster, but tomorrow it will be nowhere in sight (and all I’ll have left is this $5 stuffed animal that I spent $50 on games to win - oh, that’s just me, huh?).

The reality is this: your core muscles are critical to you having a free and fully functional life. So, we most definitely need to understand them better. Also, what are some of the possible issues that we can see with dysfunctional core muscles? Issues like diastasis recti? And, most importantly, what are things we can do to reverse these issues and ensure we have a healthy, functional core for years to come? To answer these questions, I brought on one of the foremost experts in the world in human movement, biomechanist Katy Bowman.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why your abdominal region is far more complex than you may realize.
  • The surprising connection between body temperature and insomnia.
  • Why we still need to take advantage of live, firsthand interactions and learning (and not just rely on the Internet).
  • Why proactively putting yourself in challenging situations is so beneficial.
  • What diastasis recti actually is.
  • Why movement programs for diastasis recti can be effective for hernias too.
  • How internal “forces” are largely responsible for the function of internal organs and tissues (you need to know this!).
  • How an orange can marvelously demonstrate the anatomy and function of your abdominals.
  • Why shoulder tension has a big connection to abdominal strength.
  • The difference between small, medium, and large moves (and why you need them all!).
  • A simple, effective core exercise you can do in your chair.
  • Why you need to do a daily hang (get the details!).
  • Which two movements are nearly extinct in our culture.
  • How to vacuum out the “cobwebs“ of your abdominal region.
  • Why straining and adding additional force when you have a bowel movement can be so dangerous.
  • The important difference between the male and female pelvic floor.
  • Why stopping movement is not a great long-term strategy if you have a physical ailment.
  • Where the idea for treadmill came from.
  • The downside of using a treadmill and how to use it differently for a better result.
  • The surprising ways our shoes change our physiology.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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