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If I asked you to recall a time that you learned a lesson from a mistake you made, I bet you’d be quick to answer. That’s what our lives are—a series of trials and errors, and a constant opportunity to grow and learn. But luckily, we don’t always have to learn the hard way. If you’re observant and open-minded, you can take away profound lessons from the people around you. 

For me, Jay Ferruggia is one of those people. Whether we’re talking about fitness, sharpening your public speaking skills, or simply being a kinder and more patient human, Jay has a ton of inspiration to share. When Jay posted a list of 45 lessons he’s learned in 45 years, I knew I wanted to share it with you. 

On today’s show, Jay Ferruggia is here to discuss some of the life-changing principles that have helped him become a stronger, healthier, and more successful human being. You’ll learn about building functional strength, reframing your problems in order to create healthier relationships, and how to have a succinct mission that directly changes the world around you. I hope this episode provides you with actionable tips and insights you can utilize to generate change. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What Jay’s morning routine looks like.
  • How Jay fine-tuned his public speaking skills. 
  • Why being charismatic is so powerful, and how to become better at it.
  • The best exercise for preventing lower back pain.
  • How to apply the mantra “less is more” into your workouts.
  • The power of becoming a risk taker. 
  • Why giving others credit is so important. 
  • The value of surrounding yourself with people who uplift you.  
  • How reframing problems can improve your relationships. 
  • Why the desire to be right causes problems. 
  • What it means to figure out your mission. 
  • Why you should make your decisions with confidence. 
  • What it means to value experiences over possessions. 
  • The powerful implications of doing what’s right. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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