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For a lot of us, nothing says love like some delicious milk and cookies.

Or maybe it’s ice cream that you just can’t do without? Or hard cheeses? Or yogurt? Or maybe you get really sexy and dip your food into fondue?

Whatever it may be that pulls on those heart strings for you, one thing is for certain: Dairy has a huge emotional connection with people in our world today.

This, my health seeking friend, is at the very center of the situation…

When it comes to dairy, a lot of people may be aware of the ill effects, but if you try to take it away they’ll cling on to that Ben & Jerry’s container like it’s the bonafide love of their life.

They’ll say, “I’ll follow your fancy nutrition advice Mr. Health Guy, but I’m not giving up my dairy!”

First of all, I’m not the guy that’s interested in taking things away from people. But if it’s causing you health problems like diabetes, high body fat, and allergies (you’re about to learn about all of that stuff in a minute) then maybe you might want to leave it alone for a while.

As I step back so that I don’t get stabbed with an ice cream scooper… I’m here to share why, in fact, dairy is so addictive and at the same time so harmful for most people.

Today we’re going to breakdown some long-believed myths about dairy in a way that’s going to blow your mind (and possibly stop you from blowing up bathrooms if you are lactose intolerant).

In all seriousness, what you’re about to learn today will be life-changing for you and the people you care about. It’s not that dairy is inherently “bad”, it’s just the way that it’s being produced and consumed today that can cause good people a lot of problems.

Enjoy the powerhouse content, but also stay tuned until the end to hear what alternatives to go with (dairy and dairy-free) that actually taste amazing. This is your body and your health, so take action to make it as great as possible!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What enzymes are and what happens to them when they’re cooked.
  • The shocking number of illnesses that pasteurized dairy has been associated with.
  • What milk actually is (this is important!)
  • How important colostrum is to human health.
  • When humans first began domesticating animals for milk.
  • Why the milk our ancestors consumed is not remotely close to the milk we consume today.
  • What pasteurization is and how it was invented.
  • Why homogenization is used in commercial milk.
  • How selective breeding dramatically changed the quality of conventional dairy products.
  • The difference between A1 cows and A2 cows (critical to know!)
  • Which animals are typically utilized for milk around the world (this will surprise you!)
  • How neurological illnesses like schizophrenia are heavily linked to a certain type of dairy.
  • Why food is not really just food.
  • Why the dangers of dairy from sick animals can potentially be worse than the meat from sick animals.
  • How many people lose the ability to digest milk sugar as we age.
  • Why cheese is highly addictive (scientifically proven!)
  • How recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) impacts the health of cows.
  • How a bovine cancer epidemic lead to a huge recall on beef.
  • What abnormal foods and drugs are given to conventional dairy cows.
  • The shocking way that cow’s milk impacts type 1 diabetes.
  • How molecular mimicry and autoimmune conditions can be caused by dairy.
  • Why calcium and dairy do NOT necessarily create strong bones.
  • Why raw milk might be better for those with asthma and allergies.
  • How consumption of milk can lead to accelerated weight gain.
  • Why dairy is actually a higher carbohydrate food.
  • What smart alternatives you can utilize instead of conventional dairy foods.

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