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This conversation with biomechanist and award-winning writer Katy Bowman instantly changed my life.

Because I’m a very analytical person, sometimes I like to know the WHY before I jump head over heels into something.

Katy broke down exactly why movement matters so much, and how myself and many others are fooling ourselves when it comes to living an active lifestyle.

Even though I’ve been exercising for many years, and I even appeared to be fit on the outside, I was actually in the growing number of people who are classified as “actively sedentary”.

This was a serious gut check for me.

According to the research, even though exercise is awesome and incredibly good for us, it’s not tapping into our best genetic expression by a long shot.

You see, even if you work out for an hour a day, you are still only four percent more active than someone who doesn’t exercise at all! That four percent absolutely makes a difference, but when it boils down to it, one hour of activity doesn’t hold a candle to what we do the other 23 hours of the day.

I’ve made many strides over the years to combat this disparagement. Standing desk, periodic breaks for mobility work, and even the occasional walk in the middle of the work day. I knew these things made me feel better, but I also knew I would forgo them on a consistent basis because I was trying to get my work done first.

After listening to this episode again, I immediately took a nice walk. But this walk was different from any walk I’ve ever been on.

I was paying attention to things I had never noticed before. I had a real awareness of how valuable that walk was, and the small things I was doing during it that made the experience for my body even better.

What you’re about to learn from Katy today will likely change your life in an empowering way forever. These insights and tips will help you to realize some of the problems that have been hiding in plain sight, and give you the tools to break through them once and for all!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why consume conventional animal foods can create inflammation.
  • What a biomechanics are and how they impact your life.
  • Why exercise and movement are not really the same thing.
  • How your environment shapes your body.
  • What nutritious movement is.
  • Why walking is equivalent to a macronutrient.
  • How your body actually adapts to things you put on your body (it’s shocking how much shoes can change you!)
  • Why just like “junk food” there is also “junk moving”.
  • What it means to be actively sedentary.
  • What cellular loads are (this is important!)
  • How killer whales in captivity can demonstrate the way our environment dictates our cellular expression.
  • How underwear can inhibit the natural function of your organs and tissues.
  • Why constantly self-regulating the temperature in your environment can prevent important muscles from developing.
  • What you can do to move your DNA and add more nutritious movement to your day.

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