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Good health begins and ends with our digestion. It’s never really been “you are what you eat.” It’s really you are what you assimilate, and the health of your digestive tract plays a huge role in this.

Today we have on Dr. Jillian Teta to take us on an epic tour of the digestive system. You’re going to learn about this amazing internal world that’s operating within you right now as we speak. You’re going to find out some of the common problems that take can place in the gut, some of the bigger issues that result from poor digestive health (like autoimmune diseases), plus how you can start turning it around today.

This might be one of our most valuable episodes to date because, well, everybody eats! We’re covering lots of incredible stuff, so click play, enjoy, and (most importantly) put what you learn into action for yourself.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How your gut sends information to your brain (and influences your decisions).
  • What inspired Dr. Jillian Teta to begin studying digestion and digestive dysfunctions.
  • How our food gets mechanically and  biochemically broken down.
  • Why digestion starts with a thought in the brain.
  • Why chewing our food matters far more than we realize.
  • How big your stomach actually is.
  • Why the pH of your gut is so important.
  • What roles your stomach acid plays (and why it’s actually a part of your immune system).
  • The big mistake people make when trying to treat acid reflux.
  • Why the small intestine plays a huge role in your health overall.
  • What causes your immune system to lose tolerization to your human cells (and results in an autoimmune diseases).
  • Why food sensitivities can be an early warning sign of autoimmune issues.
  • How molecular mimicry relates to autoimmunity.
  • What food compound has the highest chance of contributing to autoimmune problems.
  • Why you don’t want to put too much stock in basic food sensitivity tests.
  • Why diversity in your microbiome is so critical to your health.
  • What foods can help improve your gut health and health overall.
  • The surprising foods that can be damaging your gut health.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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