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When I was in college, there weren’t any classes on success. There wasn’t a Success 101 course. If there was, I would’ve been there.

There were a lot of classes on the fundamentals… math, science, writing, and even courses dedicated to our majors (like business, engineering, computer science, and health), but there wasn’t any classes that taught us how to put it all together. I’m charged to report that even the best colleges in the world fail to teach us how to actually be successful in our chosen field, let alone in life in general.

Right now it’s more important than ever to grab the study of success by the horns. Life, health, and happiness can quickly run away from you if you’re not fortunate enough to know what makes a successful life versus what allows us to just get by.

Recently, I felt that my formal education experience could lend a hand by giving a framework to discuss what success really looks like.

Anatomy is the study of structure or the internal workings of things. Today we’re going to be breaking down the anatomy of success and take a deep look at the internal workings of passion, commitment, and fulfillment.

Success isn’t merely a metaphysical thing. There are specific principles and insights that will make this the sweetest science you’ll ever learn. So, pull up to the blackboard, grab your notebook, and let the fun begin!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The #1 muscle you need to develop to create a successful life.
  • Why indecision is often the biggest decision.
  • Why it’s great to be an amateur.
  • How The Model Health Show came into existence.
  • How to exercise your most important success muscle.
  • Why it's critical to dissect your beliefs.
  • What creates your worldview and how to change it.
  • Why expectation is so influential on success.
  • How developing more compassion changes our lives.
  • What it means to digest greatness.
  • How to detox the garbage from your life.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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