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Paulo Coelho said, “Discipline & freedom are not mutually exclusive but mutually dependent because otherwise, you’d sink into chaos.”

Strangely enough, rules and discipline actually give us far more freedom. The structure we create in our lives is the invisible guiding force that creates the opportunity to do more with the time we are given. Without structure, without rules, you are unknowingly at the mercy of Captain Random.

You see, Captain Random is a super villain. Nothing pleases him more than to see you toil away wasting your time and not seeing the results you want in your life. When a seemingly random thing comes up and throws you off track, he’s twisting his evil handlebar mustache laughing joyfully. For you, the experience is falling off the wagon, taking a loss, or even giving up on your goals altogether. But the secret, unstoppable weapon against Captain Random is the power of your rules.

When you have personal rules in place that guide your decisions, you’ve already got an automated response for the randomness that life may throw your way. For example, you’re on a mission to eat healthy food, and your coworker brings in a box of freshly made donuts (even a few with sprinkles on them… and you know sprinkles are made by tiny tree elves who work for Captain Random), but because you have a rule in place about how you handle junk food, you easily pass with a simple, “No, thank you.”

You don’t feel any deprivation or any restriction because YOU chose that rule. Someone else didn’t impose it on you. You also don’t feel the hit of a poor decision—the tinge of regret, the sour taste of folding so quickly, and the disappointment of being seduced by a sprinkle-faced donut that’s not even in your league. You’ve dated desserts way sexier than that in the past… why did you let this do-not get to you?!

By having rules that govern your choices, you bypass this whole group of problems, and Captain Random is foiled again, running away with his tail between his legs. “I’ll get you next time!” he shouts. But he knows you’re unbeatable, and destined for great success.

Today you’re going to discover the 13 rules of health that I live by. You can take these rules on and apply them to your life, alter them to fit your own life and goals, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own.

Always remember the power of personal rules and use them as the guiding light to help you achieve the greatness you deserve.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why it’s critical to drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • Why your daily exercise regimen should be adjusted to your goals.
  • How your nervous system can impact your ability to “max out”.
  • How to uncover a passion for exercise.
  • Why you MUST put yourself first when it comes to health.
  • What being a lifetime student means.
  • How to be more present with the people you love.
  • Why delayed gratification is an important option for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The real reason so many people aren’t seeing the results they want in the gym (social time vs. results time).
  • The #1 thing I attribute to my transformation and success in life.
  • Why I make sure to get some time in nature on a regular basis.
  • What sacred rules I have around sleep.
  • What my biggest rules are for the food that I eat (this may surprise you!).

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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