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Where your brain goes, you go. Your brain governs the things that you say, do, and feel each and every moment of your life. Your brain is definitely the command center for the whole show. This we know for sure. But, there’s more to the story...

Just because your brain is the command center, doesn’t mean that it’s calling all the shots. Your brain and body work together in tandem, influencing each other and determining your ultimate destiny in life.

You see, your physical movement can enhance your brain function like few things can. Yet, many of us are led to believe that we make our brain’s better, and get “smarter”, by study alone. But no matter how fancy your pocket protector may be, without getting out and moving your body you’ll only tap into a fraction of what your brain is capable of. That’s what Dr. Wendy Suzuki discovered firsthand.

Dr. Suzuki is a leading neuroscientist who has uncovered some fascinating revelations about the brain. Her hit book, Healthy Brain, Happy Life, is a wonderful compilation of her life’s work that details how we can learn faster, feel better, and keep our brains healthy and youthful for many years to come.

One of her expertises is in the field of memory. Today you’re going to learn what parts of the brain influence your memory, how memories are made, and how to make them stick. Plus, you’re going to learn some powerful insights about brain plasticity, the best form of exercise for your brain, and so much more!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why most conventional science classes don’t connect with people.
  • What brain plasticity really means.
  • The surprising difference that an “enriched environment” and an “impoverished environment” can have on your brain.
  • How “critical periods” impact your brain development.
  • What episodic memories are and how they are formed in the brain.
  • Four clinically proven ways that you can enhance your memory.
  • How learning actually happens.
  • How aerobic exercise powerfully impacts your brain health.
  • The shocking way that mental disorders were treated with conventional medicine just a few decades ago.
  • How Dr. Suzuki brought exercise into the classroom.
  • What Intensati is (and how it can change your body and mind).
  • How students improved on memory tests with one day of aerobic activity each week.
  • The 3 crucial keys to creating a healthy brain and a happy life.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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