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Let’s talk about sex. There are really few things that influence our lives more than our sex lives. Sex is taboo in our society, but nearly everyone is doing it (or hoping to do it - shoutout to movie The 40-Year Old Virgin!).

Now, what if you found out that the quality of your sleep is influencing your sexual health more than any other factor? Plus, what if you found out the quality of your sleep even impacts your sexual attractiveness in the first place? Would sleep suddenly become more of an interesting topic? Well, if you’re a healthy, fun-loving person, then hopefully your ears have perked up. Great sleep is actually the secret, underutilized key to having the sexual prowess of a mythical beast. And I’ve got the data to back it up (minus the mythical beast part).

Today you’re going to find out the latest research on how your sleep life impacts your sex life. You’re going to learn how to boost your vital sex hormones, how to immediately improve your sleep quality, and even amazing data showing how better sex can lead to better sleep. That, and so much more. Just click play and enjoy the benefits of being more sleepually active!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Which sexual organ is often overlooked for its impact on our health.
  • How sleep deprivation impacts testosterone levels.
  • How poor sleep can suddenly make you biologically older.
  • Why obstructive sleep apnea has a huge impact on sexual health.
  • What happens to your mind and body during sleep with obstructive sleep apnea.
  • How much of your growth hormone gets released during sleep.
  • Why testosterone is more sleep-dependent than other hormones.
  • The surprising way that testosterone impacts sleep.
  • How female testosterone levels impact sexual health and health overall.
  • The relationship between sleep quality, male libido, and erectile dysfunction.
  • How sleep duration impacts women’s sexual desire.
  • The little known secret about cuddling and testosterone.
  • The essential strategies for creating a place for “practicing safe sleep”.
  • How different forms of light impact your body at night.
  • Which orgasm-related hormones can instantly improve your sleep quality.
  • The surprising science behind sleep quality and your level of attractiveness.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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