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When I think of the circle of life, I always think of where life begins (and I can’t help but think about that song from The Lion King too). We are all creators of life. We are a fertile species at one degree or another. And, as you’ll discover today, the cultivation of your fertility is tied to your life line more than you may have realized before.

Today we are seeing the highest rates of infertility ever in recorded human history. I can tell you straight away that there is solid science to prove exactly why this is. It’s an important challenge to address because our lives are literally at stake. You’re about to learn powerful, simple, clinically proven natural treatments for infertility. Plus, even more importantly, you’re going to learn why being a vibrant, fertile human being is valuable in every area of our lives.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What fertility actually means (and why it’s about more than making babies).
  • The shocking amount of toxic chemicals that are released into our environment.
  • Why female egg production is different from what was once believed.
  • How ovulation works.
  • How sperm are made and what enables sperm to be so effective at creating life.
  • Why body weight can have a huge influence on fertility levels.
  • How exercise frequency and intensity impacts fertility (this is important!).
  • The surprising role that sleep plays in fertility.
  • Specific tips to instantly improve your sleep and normalize hormone production.
  • Why not all nighttime light is problematic for our health.
  • Which common food additives are heavily linked to infertility.
  • How soda impacts fertility (this is insane!)
  • Which critical fertility nutrients you need to know about.
  • What the top fertility foods in the world are.
  • How stress influences fertility and how to lower your overall stress load.
  • How things like underwear, smoking, and lubricants impact fertility.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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