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When we set out on a journey to get to a destination, we don’t always know what’s in store for us on the road (or if that road might take us somewhere totally unexpected). The important thing is that we embark on our journey, and, as the wise writer Paulo Coelho says, discover our own “personal legend”.

Every journey begins with taking the first step. When I took the first step to start this show, all I knew was that I wanted to help. I wanted to be a blessing in people’s lives. I want to, not just give them hope, but to give them how. And through all of these years and countless hours, I feel that we can confidently say we’ve helped make that a reality.

What I didn’t expect, however, is how much I would love this process, how much I would grow, and how many amazing friends would be brought into my life. But, learning has been of of the most valuable gifts to me. Part of teaching is being a lifetime student yourself. I’ve been able to embrace a childlike sense of wonder, and curiosity that has me asking powerful questions each day. One of those recent questions was, “How can I best celebrate this moment of our 200th show while providing a tremendous amount of value and inspiration for everyone at the same time?” That question led to this. I want to thank you for making me a part of your life, and for being on this journey with me. Please know that the best is yet to come, and join me in celebrating this special moment!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How the Law of Metabolic Compensation impacts our lives each day.
  • 4 ways you can shift your calories and exercise to change your metabolism.
  • What vanishing calories are.
  • The one thing you need to avoid when starting your day.
  • The #1 thing that determines your health, happiness, and success in life.
  • What the 6 human needs are (and how they impact you).
  • How our environment shapes our bodies.
  • The leading cause of sexual dysfunction in our world today.
  • What the most valuable foods and supplements for your immune system are.
  • Why pre- and post-workout nutrition actually matters.
  • What’s really behind the huge increase in autoimmune diseases today.
  • The inherent value you’ll receive from being a lifetime student.
  • The only field of medicine that doesn’t examine the organ they treat (this is dangerous!)
  • Important ideas to help us have a great relationship with food.
  • Why it’s essential to have a personal code to live by.
  • What the placebo effect actually is (and how our thoughts affect our bodies).
  • How to radically increase your productivity and accomplish your goals faster.
  • How exercise plays a critical role in brain health.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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