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It may sound strange to hear, but cancer actually has a purpose in the human body. And there are many theories on the origins and role of cancer. Theories related to fungus overgrowth, to oxygenation, to immune function, and many others. Researchers have been furiously searching to find the cure for cancer for decades, but not coming to grips with what cancer really is and where it all begins.

Understanding the role that cancer actually plays, and what the body is doing when it sparks the life of cancer cells is vital to overcoming this epidemic. If we search deep enough, like we are finally able to do today, we see that cancer is actually tied intimately to one of the fundamental processes that give you life, and that’s the process of making energy.

The remarkable New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola is on the show today to share with you how the causes of cancer are related to your metabolism. You’ll learn how these microscopic energy power plants in your cells called mitochondria are the key to healing your metabolism, reversing and preventing cancer, and helping you to live a long, healthy life. Dr. Mercola is one of my go-to resources for health information, and I’m truly excited to have him on the show to share this with you today!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What simple principle inspired Dr. Mercola to shift his focus to more natural medicine.
  • Why reversing cancer begins with healing the metabolism.
  • How much of your bodyweight is actually mitochondria.
  • The important role that mitochondria play in eliminating cancer cells.
  • How much of your body’s energy is stored in the form of fat.
  • Why a ketogenic diet is incredibly beneficial for healing the metabolism.
  • What the potential pitfall can be from using a ketogenic diet long-term.
  • How Dr. Mercola recommends cycling your carbohydrate intake each week.
  • The common protein mistake that people make on a ketogenic diet.
  • How hepatic gluconeogenesis keeps your blood sugar low even after a high-carb meal.
  • Why the advocacy against eating fat was correct (and where it went wrong).
  • Whether or not flaxseeds and flaxseed oil are good for you (critical to know!).
  • Why it’s important to cycle your foods and supplements.
  • Which popular mineral supplement could be causing major health problems.
  • How to ensure that you’re optimizing your Vitamin D levels in a smart way.
  • The surprising impact that cold thermogenesis has on mitochondria.
  • Why getting your body grounded can help reduce stress hormones and inflammation.
  • How exercise can powerfully impact your mitochondria and brain function.

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