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Pretty please with sugar on top.

Who could resist a request like that? Sugar does, indeed, make everything sweeter. Whether it’s a cake, a cup of coffee, or a deal brokered by a 5-year old, when sugar is added to the mix, things can become irresistible.

I’ve loved sugar as far back as I can remember. It’s been a staple in our lives… even when we didn’t have much money or food, we had sugar on the shelf. I can think back on the times that my younger siblings and I made butter and sugar sandwiches when the refrigerator was next to empty. Sugar was there for us, making life sweeter even then. So, how did things go so terribly wrong?

To say that I was addicted to sugar would be an understatement. I easily ate over 100 pounds of sugar each year through the foods and beverages I consumed. You might think that a number like that is outlandish, or even unusual, but today it’s actually the norm. Our society puts so much sugar into our metaphorical gas tanks each year that you’d be hard-pressed to figure out how any of us are still driving around. But, the truth is, our bodies/vehicles we're moving around in have made some drastic changes since sugar arrived on the scene. Rates of obesity and diseases related to sugar consumption are at an all-time high. And sugar, as sweet as it is, has poured its way into so many parts of our culture that you’d be hard-pressed to go anywhere and not find it. It’s always there, hidden in plain sight. But today you’re going to get your X-ray sugar glasses.

We’re about to go on a journey back to where this all began. To understand where we are, it’s important to look back at the sweet trail that sugar has left us. Today we’re going to uncover sugar’s humble beginnings, and how, ultimately, it was able to rise to power. I hope you’ve got a sweet tooth for learning and fun, because where we’re going, no podcast has gone before. So, buckle up, focus in, and travel with us into the History of Sugar!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What medium chain triglycerides are and the various effects they have on your body.
  • When sugar originally entered the human diet.
  • What sweet foods signal to our system to do.
  • Why having more body fat was once considered an advantage.
  • The surprising effects that whole sugar cane has on your teeth.
  • Where the first mass refinery of sugar took place.
  • How sugar was originally used as a medicine.
  • Why sugar was once considered a luxury item.
  • How slavery and ethnic diversification are heavily tied to sugar production.
  • How sugar is actually created from sugar cane.
  • The interesting history that sugar has with the U.S. stock market.
  • How science has proven that sugar is more addictive than cocaine.
  • Why it’s extremely difficult to villainize sugar (hint: it’s because of love!).
  • The deep ties that sugar has to celebrities and entertainment.
  • The origins of the candy bar.
  • How beverages have become preferred delivery systems for sugar.
  • Why sugar has a huge impact on sexual dysfunction today.
  • The little known ways that sugar and violence are connected.
  • How much sugar people consume today versus a few centuries ago (this will shock you!).
  • How sugar actually ends up as fat on your body.
  • Some of the most devastating illnesses related to sugar consumption.
  • How high fructose corn syrup impacts your body differently than table sugar.
  • Valuable tips to help you move past a bad relationship with sugar.

Items mentioned in this episode include:


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