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The word “craving” has a lot of meanings in our language. To sum it all up, it can range from a small internal whisper, to a deep, burning desire for something. We can crave achievement, love, drugs, food, and so much more. In fact, cravings are at an all-time high today. There are more things than ever to crave, more access to them, and more things designed to keep you coming back.

Today we’re going to dissect what cravings actually are. You’re going to understand the science of cravings and be able to see them in a whole new way. You’re also going to find that cravings are not so black and white as many health experts have made them out to be. There can be 50 shades of grey for cravings (please don’t take that analogy too far like my mind just did) and this powerhouse episode is all about learning how to traverse them. Cravings will come and cravings will go, but there’s a special message inside of each of them. So, click play, take good notes, and enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What cravings actually are.
  • The intelligent system in our bodies that controls our appetite and cravings.
  • Why your hypothalamus is the master gland in your body.
  • Which hormones regulate your hunger and satiety.
  • How cravings are related to homeostasis (balance in your body).
  • Which neurotransmitter has a significant role in cravings and reward.
  • The surprising way that serotonin relates to cravings.
  • How the function of our hunger and cravings can be influenced while we're in the womb.
  • The key differences between hunger and cravings.
  • How cravings and habits are related.
  • The biggest nutritional cause of cravings.
  • Why there are different forms of the same nutrients.
  • Which breakfast food will lead to increased cravings throughout the day.
  • How food scientist figured out how to make you crave more of their product.
  • What cravings for salty foods could be signaling.
  • Where to find the most important electrolytes in foods.
  • The #1 macronutrient that helps reduce cravings.
  • Whether or not we should give in to our cravings (this is important!).
  • The surprising ways that chocolate affects our appetite.
  • How sleep deprivation influences hunger.
  • How to reduce cravings and improve sleep by exercising at a specific time.
  • What cardio compensation is.
  • How exercise influences our brain and appetite.
  • What type of exercise stimulates appetite and what type of exercise reduces it.
  • The truth about stress eating and how stress impacts our cravings.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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