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The future of medicine is really the past of medicine. I know that sounds pretty deep... but hear me out.

We have records that at least two thousand years ago, physicians were prescribing medicinal mushrooms to their patients. Viral infection, headache, low libido… you name it. Medicinal mushrooms ranked at the top of the list in effectiveness for most illnesses. Now, here’s the rub. They also prescribed them to patients to help keep from being sick in the first place (not just when they had a problem).

It’s a very different model today, where our healthcare practitioners profit only when you are sick. Contrast that with the practitioner of old, who was paid to keep you well. One of these approaches needs more sick people around. The other one is single-focused on doing what it takes to keep you healthy.

The irony is that today’s physician is unknowingly prescribing drugs from fungi too. A sizeable percentage of the top pharmaceutical drugs are derived from mushrooms and other fungi (you’ve heard of penicillin, right?). They have been studied and used because they work. The problem with the pharmaceutical model, however, is the rampant occurrence of side effects. They’re obviously not using the thing found in nature as practitioners did in the past. Instead, they isolate, isolate, isolate until it’s just a shadow of its former self (and shadows can be pretty creepy as it is).

Today we’re going to look at exactly why medicinal mushrooms are so effective that Big Pharma loves them. But, more importantly, we’ll be diving in on the very best mushrooms to utilize to keep you healthy in the first place… without side effects (unless you count being more awesome as a side effect). Tero Isokauppila is back on the show to blow your mind with practical tips, clinically proven data, and even a recipe for chocolate mousse that can help protect you from the common cold and more. Click play, take good notes, and enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why exercise benefits several areas of our lives.
  • The surprising amount of pharmaceutical drugs that utilize fungi.
  • How mushrooms and human DNA are related.
  • What immunomodulation means.
  • Why some substances can act like caffeine for your immune system.
  • What natural killer cells are and how medicinal mushrooms train them.
  • How a food or herb can be classified as an adaptogen.
  • Which medicinal mushroom is amazing for your skin.
  • How medicinal mushrooms are able to create vitamin D like humans do.
  • Which mushroom is best for stress reduction and clinically proven to improve sleep.
  • What the "three treasures" are in Chinese medicine.
  • Which medicinal mushroom features the potent anticancer compound PSK.
  • Why mushrooms are the original worldwide web.
  • Why some mushrooms are actually great for fighting fungal infections.
  • Which mushroom has been found to be effective for supporting weight loss.
  • Whether or not medicinal mushrooms are safe for kids and pregnant mothers.
  • How your respiratory system can be protected with a specific mushroom.
  • Whether or not you should be using medicinal mushrooms on a daily basis.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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