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On any given workday, the average person in our modern world devotes about 50% of their waking hours to work. That’s a lot of time investment. And, believe it or not, this time investment has huge implications on your health, happiness, and longevity.

Today we’re talking about how our work influences our health. Plus, more importantly, we’re covering specific ways that you can adjust your work (or perception of your work) to enable you to get more joy, health, and success out of the thing you likely will spend half of your waking hours doing.

Today’s world is very different from the one our family member’s lived in just a couple generations ago. We live at a time of instant access to virtually everything. We live at a time of greater connection to people all over the world. And we live of more opportunity than ever to do work that we are deeply connected to. That’s why I thought our guest Chris Ducker would be the best person to help share these insights with you. He’s experienced the whole gamut of work experiences… from corporate work to being an incredibly successful entrepreneur, to experiencing a nearly tragic level of burnout that could have cost him everything.

Through all of this Chris found out that the work you do really comes down to YOU. And you are the secret ingredient to creating a thriving work life that makes you an abundant living and makes a major difference in the world, should you choose to embrace it. It’s time to banish burnout and create the life you love. Just click play, listen deeply, and enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The surprising cost that job burnout has on our economy.
  • What the symptoms of job burnout are.
  • How job burnout impacts mental health.
  • How to reduce job burnout without changing your job.
  • Why chlorophyll is essential to human health.
  • What a Youpreneur is.
  • Why everyone is their own brand today and why your brand is your reputation!
  • What it actually means to be an entrepreneur.
  • A simple exercise you can do to start creating the business of you.
  • Why your “mess” can become your message.
  • Why you can build a successful business out of even your weirdest passion.
  • The #1 driver of the human psyche.
  • Why it’s important to give yourself permission to do work you enjoy (this is important!).
  • How to use The 3 Lists to Freedom.
  • Why time is (by far!) our most important resource.
  • Valuable tips and insights you can use to outsource things that support your health and fitness.
  • How delegation can help you spend more time with the people you love (and who need you the most!).
  • Why the power of community has a huge impact on your success.
  • Four ways to develop successful relationships.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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