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New leaders in the world of personal development have emerged. And they’re not about fluffy sentiments that don’t hold any weight in the real world.

This new guild of superheroes are all about action, mastering mindset, service, and results. With our hyper-distracted world, we need leaders who can really grab our attention and snap us out of a funk. We need leaders who talk the talk, walk the walk, and lead with heart. Our guest today is definitely one of these superheros.

Ed Mylett is a renowned speaker, life strategist, and insanely successful entrepreneur. Today he’s positively impacting the lives of millions of people around the world, and I truly believe he’s just getting warmed up. Part of his story entails a shift in his own health and fitness, and that story alone might transform your life today. I’m telling you, if you ever need a reminder of how powerful you are and what you’re capable of, come back and listen to this episode over and over again. There are some universal truths shared in this that you simply don’t often hear anywhere else. So, click play, listen deeply, and enjoy this interview with the incredible Ed Mylett!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why training on how to be successful is lacking in today’s education.
  • What self-help actually means.
  • Why growing up middle class can program you for underachievement.
  • How to identify the pull power between the person you are meant to become and the person you are today.
  • The incredible catalyst that enabled Ed to succeed and make a bigger impact than he thought possible.
  • How becoming a gratitude addict can quickly transform your life.
  • Two shifts in your psychology that every successful person MUST go through.
  • The #1 key to elevating your self-confidence.
  • How the identity you hold for yourself is intimately controlling your levels of success.
  • How to actually change your identity (this is powerful!).
  • The biggest thing that separates those who achieve at a high level and those who don’t.
  • Why you need to master the first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes of your day.
  • What it really means to MAXOUT.
  • Why you can’t control outcomes, but you can control your effort.
  • Powerful tips to help you instantly improve your financial fitness.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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