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Since the beginning of humanity, I’m sure there’s been a fascination with the accumulation of a lot of “stuff”. There were probably a bunch of cave-people who had way too many animal skins and rocks hanging around just for the sake of showing off to the cave-folks in their neighborhood (this is basically the premise of every episode of The Flintstones by the way).

It’s probably a hard-wired psychological game that if you have the most stuff, you win. But the sad reality is that this accumulation gene is still alive and well within us today. As a result, there’s been a tidal wave of folks jumping to the complete other of the spectrum to become minimalist (in revolt of our typical hoarding nature). But, as with most things, there’s actually a much more balanced middle ground that you can find happiness. But, it starts with you finding out just how much the clutter in your life matters.

Seriously, this information blew me away! I had no idea how much organization in our lives could affect our food choices, our motivation in life, and our overall success. Today’s guest helps break this stuff down in a way that makes sense, and I promise that you’re going to experience ah-ha moments left and right!

Our guest in this powerhouse episode is New York Times bestselling author Chalene Johnson. She’s an icon in the fitness industry (she literally revolutionized at-home fitness with her record-breaking workout DVDs), a dedicated wife and mother, and an absolute in the world of business, personal development, and entrepreneurship. If anyone had permission to clutter-up their life, it was her. But she found that the clutter was controlling her and holding her back. Now she’s on a mission to show you just how much the clutter is affecting you, and how to efficiently and effectively de-clutter your life.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The truth about vitamin C (it doesn’t work like you think it does!).
  • Why spending time NOT working is a big part of our health.
  • How dieting can get associated to being unhappy.
  • Why it’s critical to decide what’s most important to you.
  • Why you shouldn’t start a new diet until you get your environment de-cluttered.
  • How clutter is a psychological obstacle in our lives.
  • The shocking way that clutter can affect your food choices.
  • How tidiness in your home impacts your levels of motivation.
  • Why everything you’re exposed to requires you to make a decision (this is huge!).
  • Why hiding your clutter (aka getting clutter out of your sight) is actually a great temporary solution.
  • The belief we have about time that causes us to create clutter.
  • Powerful tips to effectively de-clutter your life.
  • Why everything needs a home.
  • The secret of do it NOW.
  • How simply paying attention to how you feel can help you to de-clutter your life.
  • Why you should never leave a room empty-handed.
  • Why it’s actually ok to be messy (you just need a good pre- and post-game routine).
  • The interesting connection between tidiness and success.
  • How clutter is linked to a scarcity mindset.
  • How to deal with sentimental objects that are cluttering your space (this is important!).
  • Why de-cluttering makes room in your life for new and better things.
  • Why guilt might be the reason that you hang on to things.
  • How to use The Four Bin Method to transform your home.
  • A great gift you can give your kids by simply tidying up one thing in their room each day.
  • How to recruit your family to keep your home safe, clean, and organized.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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