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What separates good from great?

It’s usually not the presence of an innate talent, and it’s usually not a particularly unattainable skillset. What decides whether someone will be good, great, or phenomenal are “soft skills” like caring, focus, perspective-taking, continuous study, and a willingness to serve.

My guest today has all of these soft skills in spades. Not only is he a highly respected cardiothoracic surgeon, he’s gained world-acclaim and become a household name by devoting himself to sharing prevention strategies to keep folks from ending up on his office in the first place. You’d think that in the field of medicine, it would be obvious to help people prevent their illnesses in the first place (rather than being forced to treat them with drugs and surgery after the problems have occurred). Unfortunately, our culture was lost for a few decades, and that reality was simply not the case. Though, we’ve still got a long way to go, folks like Dr. Oz have stepped to the forefront to teach people how to take ownership over their own bodies.

Through his books, audio programs, and award-winning television show, he’s been teaching people all of the latest and greatest in the field of health and wellness. He knows the doctor’s role as an advocate, coach, and supplier of conventional treatment when in need. But he also knows how important it is for you to understand your OWN body and do your part as the primary caregiver to that amazing physique you live in.

On today’s show, you’re going to learn some of the best tips and insights to understand and care for your body a little better. Being that Dr. Oz’s platform is so large, he’s bound to have a plethora of criticizers waiting in the wings to downgrade the things that he’s doing. True enough, you don’t have to agree with him or anyone else 100 percent (I’d even caution you agreeing with yourself 100 percent lol!). But the reality is, he’s a pioneer in the field of health, wellness, and integrative medicine who’s helped popularize many of the commonly held facts about wellness that we’re all taking advantage of today. This episode is a real treat to know more about the man behind the mission, plus you’ll get some actionable health tips to walk away with as well. Enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Three things that all world-class performershave in common.
  • The surprising impact that turkey tail mushroom has on ulcers, cancer, and HIV (you need to know this!).
  • What inspired Dr. Oz to focus more on preventative medicine.
  • How the bestselling YOU health books became such a huge hit (and the incredible purpose behind them).
  • Whether or not eating fat-filled nutsare associated with obesity and weight gain.
  • What metric is far more important to monitor than your bodyweight.
  • Why there’s an important benefit to your body storing fat.
  • How the hormones leptin and ghrelin work to control your appetite.
  • The huge role that your liver plays in keeping you fit and healthy.
  • Why heart surgeons use magnesiumon their patients.
  • Which heart-healthy foodsto regularly include in your diet.
  • How plants use colors to protect themselves (and what this does for you).
  • Why Dr. Oz does a 7-minute workouteach morning.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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