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It’s important to have goals, but being fixated on the end result can actually be a huge obstacle to your overall success. Whether you’re trying to top a personal record at the gym, or drop some pounds before a vacation, there will frequently be times that you will fall short. And that’s okay, because it’s part of the process that forges greatness.

If you can flip the switch in your mind to become process-oriented instead of results-oriented, a whole new world of joy and success will open up for you. How you react in those difficult moments can be a powerful testimony to your strength. If you accept defeat and stop moving toward your goal, you will have gained nothing. But if you can understand that hardship is simply part of the process, you’ll come out stronger on the other end. Success isn’t strictly about results. Part of the journey is embracing the process and gaining experience along the way.

Our guest for today’s show is Jeff Bercovici, journalist, athlete, and author of the mind-blowing book, Play On. He is sharing his insights and extensive research from his new book, including what makes longtime professional athletes successful, and the keys to quick recovery. Jeff has put in the work to help you implement the strategies (and science!) necessary to perform at a higher level for years to come.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The scientifically proven benefits of massage therapy.
  • The difference between strength and power.
  • Which function of our muscles decline first with age (and how to keep it stronger, longer!).
  • The intriguing science behind antagonist muscle activation.
  • How exercise can work as a virtual fountain of youth.
  • The surprising way exercise affects your brain’s gray matter.
  • How balancing freshness and fitnesscan maximize your performance.
  • What muscular compensations are (and how they can lead to injury).
  • The incredible emergent technology behind calculating injury risk.
  • How one NBA coach changed the paradigm around rest and recovery.
  • What proprioception is, and how it can help you prevent injuries.
  • The psychological and physiological traits that elite older athletes have in common.
  • The profound impact of high intensity interval training(and how it relates to longevity).
  • What chunking is and how it can speed up your mental processing.
  • Why learning to love the processand experiencing joy leads to greatness.
  • The incredible benefits of being process-oriented.
  • What the data really says about trends like cryotherapy and infrared therapy.
  • The main cornerstonesof sports recovery.
  • How supplemental collagen can help your body heal and repair faster.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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