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If you were to type in your search engine, “how to lose fat,” I bet you’d find a lot of articles emphasizing the importance of diet and exercise. Undoubtedly, those two components play a major role in changing your body composition. But there’s a huge piece of the puzzle that is missing from common knowledge—sleep.

If you really dig into the science, you’ll find that your sleep quality plays a more important role in fat loss than diet and exercise! However, this information has not (yet!) made its way into our culture. Sleep isn’t part of the conversation, because it is seemingly less actionable than meal prepping or putting in work in the gym.

In this episode, my mission is to help you understand the importance of sleep for your body, hormones, and overall fitness. I’ll share facts and strategies about regulating hormone levels, and how sleep influences the body’s basic mechanisms (including the brain and gut!) You’ll learn four actionable steps you can take to enhance your sleep quality, and in turn improve your body.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How sleep quality is affected by your hormone function.
  • Why our culture devalues the importance of sleep.
  • How to take responsibility for your sleep routine.
  • Why utilizing a sleep aid is a temporary solution for insomnia.
  • The difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.
  • How sleep deprivation can influence your metabolic systems.
  • Which type of fat is the most dangerous, and how it relates to sleep deprivation.
  • The importance of melatonin and the two factors that help regulate your levels.
  • Why environmental darkness is crucial for deep sleep.
  • The role of Human Growth Hormone in the body (and how it relates to sleep!)
  • What factor is the biggest epigenetic triggerfor your aging process.
  • The shocking effects of sleep debt on the thyroid gland.
  • How a lack of sleep can diminish your willpower.
  • The three main (destructive) ways the body reacts when we are under stress.
  • In what part of the body the majority of melatonin is produced.
  • The importance of cortisol managementfor overall health.
  • The incredible link between gut health and sleep quality.
  • How probiotics and prebiotics work together in the gut.
  • An essential list of sleep-supporting nutrientsto incorporate in your diet.
  • The danger of antibiotic overuse on the body’s ecosystem.
  • The link between screen time and melatonin production.
  • What science says about natural sunlight (and what time of day to maximize exposure!)
  • Four actionable stepsyou can implement in order to regulate your sleep cycles.
  • The ideal sleeping temperature for humans.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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