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In the age of social media, we’ve become accustomed to seeing everyone’s highlight reel and comparing ourselves to fluffed up, often unrealistic standards. Many of us are plagued by a constant state of doubting our self-worth and feeling like we’re not enough.

But what could you achieve if you simply slowed your scroll, took a break from the constant stream of external influences, and focused inward? What would happen if you redirected that time you spend influenced by negative energy, and put it to good use?

Our guest today, Drew Canole, has done exactly that. He is passionate about inspiring others to push past their limitations, learn to overcome their past mistakes and traumas, and create a life that they love. His story of triumph and transformation will motivate you to reach your greatest potential peak as well.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Drew’s traumatic childhood experiences gave him deeper levels of compassion.
  • The therapeutic releasethat occurs when you forgive others.
  • Why being focused on external factors can stunt your growth.
  • What it means to detox your life. 
  • How to begin ridding your life of toxic relationships.
  • The definition of “why-dentity” (and why it’s so crucial for success!)
  • Why you should take a cell phone detox.
  • What the Law of Non-Interference is (and how to practice it).
  • One of the biggest limitationsthat most of us face on a daily basis.
  • How trauma keeps us small.
  • Why chasing money doesn’t work (and how to start attracting it!)
  • The importance of engaging in creative habits that you enjoy.
  • How starting with one small change can transform your entire life.
  • The truth about how imaginary boundaries divide us. 
  • How to change your realitythrough practicing visualization.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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