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If there’s one guest who is the most requested on the Model Health Show, it would be the lovely Anne Stevenson. Anne is my wife, my very best friend, and the Operations Manager for our business. Everything that I have accomplished would not be possible without her by my side.

I’ve interviewed Anne here on the show before, so today we thought we’d try something a little different. On this episode, we’re turning the tables and Anne is interviewing me. I had no idea what to expect going into this interview, but Anne brought it big-time with her thought-provoking questions. (I think she might be the next Oprah).

We’re covering my background, including my childhood and the important lessons I learned early in life. You’ll learn more about my experience recovering my health, and how it influenced my career. We’ll talk about relationships—from co-parenting, to working with your spouse on a daily basis. Additionally, we covered the topic of mindset, including developing a sense of calmness and confidence, and what it takes to find true fulfillment. We both put a lot of heart into this episode, we hope you find valuable insights to inspire you to transform your life.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The culture I grew up in, and how it set the stage for later health problems.
  • What being biracial taught me about acceptance.
  • The first person in my life who instilled the importance of education.
  • How to decide to stop being aggressive and self-centered.
  • My greatest inspirations in life.
  • The experience that sparked my thirst for knowledge (and passion to help others).
  • The importance of honoring your standards.
  • What my morning routine looks like (and what I’ve learned about being flexible!)
  • How to gracefully distance yourself from toxic relationships.
  • The biggest lessons I’ve learned from co-parenting.
  • My advice for couples who work together.
  • Why changing your health actually means deciding to shift your identity.
  • How to clean up your social media feeds, and set a standard in your home.
  • The key to finding true fulfillment.
  • Two life-changing lessons I’ve learned from The Model Health Show.
  • The link between kindness and authenticity.
  • How to get others on board with your vision.
  • The main piece of advice I would give my children about being successful in their lives.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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