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While anxiety disorders are on the rise, the stigma of mental illness prevents many individuals from seeking help. Mental health conditions are a silent epidemic—one that has enormous impacts on our economy, society, as well as the individual’s personal and professional goals.

Today’s guest, Craig Ballantyne is here to share his personal journey with overcoming anxiety, as well as how he educates his clients to do the same. He has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and elite performers to live their best lives through breaking out of the prison of anxiety.

Craig will share proven (and practical!) strategies you can utilize to improve your mental health. You’ll learn a proven plan you can implement in order to overcome anxiety, and find the clarity necessary to become your best self.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The details of Craig’s first anxiety attack.
  • What the physical symptoms of anxiety feel like.
  • The link between social media and anxiety.
  • What it means to have entrepreneurial anxiety.
  • Major factorsthat often lead to increased anxiety.
  • Why anxiety is like a black box.
  • How to handle negative emotionsin a positive way.
  • Why labeling yourself can hold you back.
  • What it means to be misaligned (and how it can lead to anxiety).
  • Specific strategiesyou can use to reduce anxiety.
  • How to align your daily habits with your values.
  • The importance of practicing introspection.
  • What it means to watch the movie of your day.
  • How to set a 10x plan for your life.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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