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Creating new habits is an effective way to transform your health, skyrocket your growth, and reach your goals. But sometimes what holds us back the most are those beliefs and behaviors that we haven’t (yet!) given up.

Letting go of detrimental habits that no longer serve you can help you refine your focus, boost your energy levels, and uncover the ability to achieve your greatness. On some level, we all get stuck in these negative cycles. But the good news is, our brains are constantly evolving. With intention and an actionable plan, we can release destructive habits, and embark on a path to becoming our best selves.

This is my wish for you in the new year, and our topic for today’s show. I’m sharing 5 toxic habits you need to ditch in 2019, and sharing digestible and realistic action plans to help you get there. So listen in, take notes on what resonates with you, and put a plan in motion to ditch your old patterns, reprogram your brain, and step into your power.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The deeper meaning behind people pleasing.
  • How to differentiate the line between people pleasing and being kind.
  • Specific action steps you can take to break the cycleof people pleasing.
  • Why our brains seek out evidence to support our beliefs.
  • How to make your reality match your vision.
  • The importance of writing down your goals.
  • How to determine if your goals are big enough.
  • The main reasons why we procrastinate.
  • Why stress and procrastination go hand-in-hand.
  • How procrastination can cause decision fatigue.
  • The link between depression and living in the past.
  • How to turn your past hardships into a learning experience.
  • Four action steps you can take to change your identity.
  • The danger of being a perfectionist.
  • How focusing on perfection can inhibit you from reaching your goals.
  • Why good is better than perfect.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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