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If weight loss and the process of reaching optimal health can be reduced to a simple science, why are so many people sick, unhealthy, and overweight? Don’t get me wrong, principles like hormone function and metabolism are very real, and building blocks like movement and diet do matter.

But here’s the thing: in most cases, people who find themselves unhealthy or overweight did not get that way from a place of positivity or happiness. It is times of extreme stress, grief, or general apathy that lead to many health problems and weight issues. There are plenty of intelligent and capable people in the US (and worldwide) who simply cannot reach their weight loss goals, especially on a long-term basis. Our rampant obesity epidemic is proof that there is a deeper issue at play.

Today’s guest, Isabel Price, has made it her mission to help people reach their health goals, uncover their best selves, and stop struggling with diets. Her spiritual approach emphasizes the importance of community and connecting with your innate worth. I hope you will listen to this episode with an open mind and take the principles to heart, no matter where you are on your journey.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why changing your mindsetcan change your physical appearance.
  • How her mother’s health issues inspired Isabel’s career.
  • Why fear-based marketing is ineffective long-term.
  • What it means to treat your body like a sculpture.
  • Why Isabel doesn’t necessarily encourage her clients to lose weight.
  • The difference between having to take care of your body and gettingto take care of it.
  • Why your worth and your weight are not connected.
  • The two gifts we’re born with, and how they’re intertwined.
  • How all of your experiences culminated have prepared you for your future.
  • The two statements you have to believe in order to create change.
  • How Isabel’s mindset shifted after losing her mom.
  • The questionyou need to ask yourself to set realistic goals.
  • The details of Isabel’s health routine.
  • How to add more activity into your daily schedule.
  • The importance of community and creating real connections.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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