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Among the many illnesses plaguing the Western world, diabesity, the intersection between diabetes and obesity, is becoming increasingly prevalent. This is a deadly heath epidemic, and clearly the traditional model of “eat less and exercise more” is just not enough for many folks who are battling diabesity.

The solution to solving diabesity isn’t as simple as many people have been led to believe. Fighting diabesity involves improving multiple systems within the body, and naturally lowering the body’s setpoint. What most people don’t understand is that processes like hormones and inflammation are key to resetting the body’s function and fighting disease.

Today you’re going to learn the science behind conquering diabesity, and a framework for how to naturally lower your body’s set point. Jonathan Bailor is here to share what’s going on behind the scenes of the diabesity epidemic, and how to optimize the body’s systems in order to reach a healthier weight, reduce blood sugar, and live longer.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The shocking number of Americans that are diabetic or prediabetic.
  • What the body’s setpointis, and how it works.
  • Other types of setpoints that exists within the human body.
  • Why hunger is the hallmark of an unideal diet.
  • The definition of diabesity.
  • How hormones play a role in the body’s setpoint.
  • The role of leptin within the human body.
  • Why overweight individuals have more leptin in their blood stream.
  • How calorie restriction is like an ice bathfor your metabolism.
  • Why a mindset shift is crucial for solving the diabesity crisis.
  • The two things that are necessary to treat all diseases (including diabesity).
  • Three specific systemswithin the body that affect its setpoint.
  • The best sources of prebiotics.
  • How sex hormones play a role in the body’s weight.
  • The power of optimizing your hormone levels.
  • How to make eating high quality foods effortless.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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