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As we enter a new year and a new decade, there’s no better time to take in-depth look at your overall health. Our culture tends to laser focus on nutrition and exercise, but those are just two pieces of a larger, more complex picture. Your overall health snapshot encompasses so much more than the foods on your plate or the hours you log in the gym.

Most of us live a full and busy lifestyle, which overtime creates a state of depletion and burnout in our bodies. New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci knows firsthand the struggles of being overworked, overstressed, and feeling depleted. Her new book, Dr. Kellyann’s Cleanse and Reset was inspired by her personal anecdote of overcoming burnout and regaining her health. 

Today you’re going to hear about how a cleanse can help you beat fatigue and depletion, and leave you feeling vibrant and restored. Dr. Kellyann is sharing how you can feed your DNA the food it craves, and how maximizing your nutrition can help you function at optimum levels. You’re also going to learn about healing your gut, reducing inflammation, and becoming more efficient at burning fat. Dr. Kellyann wants to help change the paradigm around cleansing and detoxing, and I hope this interview will inspire you to feel your best in 2020! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to make flexibility and adaptability part of your routine in 2020.
  • How visiting a bookstore can help you identify your passions. 
  • What inspired Kellyann to pursue naturopathic medicine. 
  • How burnout is affecting many successful people today.
  • Why you should set strict boundaries with your devices. 
  • Common indications that your body needs a reset. 
  • How to eat in a way that your DNA craves. 
  • Why optimizing your nutrition can improve your brain function. 
  • The importance of supplying your body with high-quality protein.
  • How glycine can help you lose fat and simultaneously maintain muscle mass.
  • What collagen is and why it matters for human health and longevity. 
  • The three main principles Kellyann uses to help her patients feel better. 
  • How collagen helps with insulin regulation. 
  • The truth about detoxes, and how to think of them differently.
  • Two main reasons why drinking infused water can be so impactful.
  • The link between collagen consumption and healthy skin. 
  • How bone broth can be beneficial for achy joints.
  • The undeniable health benefits of gelatin. 
  • How dry brushing works, and why you should incorporate it into your routine. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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