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We tend to dedicate our time and energy to cultivating healthy relationships with the people around us and even ourselves—but have you ever considered what it means to have a healthy relationship with food? Food is such a critical part of our daily lives. Not only do we need it as sustenance, but food can also play a huge role in our culture, nostalgia, and our social lives. 

Unfortunately, dieting is prevalent in our society, particularly this time of year. Studies have repeatedly shown that diets simply don’t work. Not to mention, restriction and an amplified preoccupation with food can lead to anxiety and fear surrounding one of our basic human functions: eating!   


That’s why this episode with Kelsey Heenan is so powerful and enlightening. Kelsey’s personal relationship with food has evolved over the years from fearful and disordered to healthy, empowering, and mindful. Today you’re going to hear Kelsey’s story of overcoming an eating disorder, and how she is now helping others cultivate a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise. You’ll learn about intuitive eating, ditching food rules, and creating a more mindful experience with food. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why your relationship with food is so unique and powerful.
  • Kelsey’s journey with anorexia nervosa and exercise compulsions. 
  • The moments of clarity that inspired Kelsey to seek treatment. 
  • How Kelsey recovered from her disordered eating patterns. 
  • The powerful and symbolic dream that was a monumental part of her recovery.
  • How Kelsey developed a healthier relationship with exercise. 
  • The basic tenets of intuitive eating. 
  • Why a dieting mentality triggers fear and anxiety. 
  • How calorie counting and macro counting can be a huge trigger for some people. 
  • Why assigning morality to food is unproductive.
  • How restriction and food rules can lead to binging. 
  • The different roles that food can play in our lives. 
  • Why leaving behind the diet mentality is so empowering. 
  • Why facing your food fears can take the power away from disordered thoughts.
  • What it truly means to be mindful about your hunger. 
  • The power of appreciating your own unique body. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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