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What do you think of when you hear the term “women’s health?” Traditionally, women’s healthcare is limited to maintaining the health of the reproductive system. Standard practices in women’s health include pelvic exams, mammography, and pregnancy and childbirth services. And while those services certainly have their role, women have many other systems in their body than just their reproductive organs.

Just like everything else in healthcare, it’s time to stop compartmentalizing women and start thinking of their bodies as interconnected, holistic beings. Women are far more likely than men to suffer from autoimmune diseases, anxiety, migraines, and Alzheimer’s disease. This is because of unique functions and risk factors in the female brain that have been ignored in the healthcare field—until now. 

In her new book, The XX Brain, Dr. Lisa Mosconi fills in the gaps on women’s health and shares research-based insights on how to protect and sustain the female brain. Her work is massively shifting the conversation around what actually differentiates women from men, and more importantly how to nurture and appreciate those differences. I hope this episode will inspire and empower you to maximize your brain health and live a longer, healthier life. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The definition of bikini medicine.
  • How men and women’s brains differ in terms of functionality.
  • The statistics on Alzheimer’s disease prevalence in women.
  • What structural connectivity is.
  • How the XX chromosomes are related to brain function.
  • What estradiol is.
  • The impacts that estrogen has on the female brain.
  • Why the onset of Alzheimer’s is not like catching a cold.
  • How procedures like a hysterectomy affect the brain.
  • The difference between biological age and hormonal age.
  • What the grandmother hypothesis is.
  • The two species that can survive after their fertile window ends.
  • What you need to know about hormone replacement therapy.
  • The number one cause of early menopause.
  • Why at-home genetic testing kits aren’t always accurate.
  • The importance of protecting your brain with antioxidants.
  • How gut health and hormone function are related.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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