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Much of what you hear in the media about COVID-19 comes from a place of fear and uncertainty. Even the word pandemic itself incites a certain level of fear. But fear doesn’t paint a clear picture or give us solutions—only science can do that. 

That’s why I wanted to bring on an expert in the field of epidemiology to help us take a more rational, evidence-based approach to protect our health during this time. Dr. Alan Preston is a former professor of epidemiology & biostatistics. Today he’s helping us make sense of the data so we can make more informed, sensible decisions when it comes to protecting our health. 

You’re going to learn about the basics of epidemiology, interpreting data, and the function of the immune system. Dr. Preston is sharing why the information you see in the media doesn’t paint the full picture and the importance of accurate data. Click play, take good notes, and enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What an epidemiologist actually does.
  • The difference between incidence and prevalence rates.
  • An important distinction between asymptomatic and presymptomatic.
  • The truth about accurate reporting in the media. 
  • How to take personal responsibility for your health. 
  • The two big mistakes that made New York a hotspot for COVID-19.
  • Why generalizing data is a problem.
  • How death counts are reported. 
  • The societal impacts of long-term quarantine.
  • How stress and toxin production are interconnected. 
  • Why vaccinations aren’t the answer that many are looking for.
  • How your immune system evolves and adapts.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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