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For many folks, right now is a trying time. Between lockdowns, changes in school schedules, and skyrocketing unemployment rates, it’s easy to feel like is out of control. But when it comes down to it, there are a lot of aspects of your life that you can directly affect if you are intentional. 

Your personal health, your financial situation, the quality of your relationships, and your mental health are all areas that you have the power to positively impact. If you want to see improvement in those areas, you have to ask yourself empowering questions. From those answers, you can establish habits that will bring you results. 

In this episode of the Model Health Show, you’re going to hear how to positively shift your health, finances, relationships, and mental health. You’ll learn about the importance of creating a healthy mindset under changing conditions, and some questions you can ask yourself to shift your life in a positive direction. I hope this episode empowers you to become the authority in your own life and inspires you to build a healthy mindset that can withstand whatever life throws your way.  

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What instinctual elaboration is. 
  • The importance of improving the quality of the questions you ask yourself. 
  • What is the greatest thing you can do to push humanity forward. 
  • How to become empowered by your struggles and challenges.
  • The importance of identifying your greatest strengths. 
  • What the number one risk factor is for dying from infectious diseases. 
  • Why you need to get creative with your workouts. 
  • The number one cause of poor health in the US. 
  • Why your level of success is a culmination of your habits. 
  • Ways that unemployment can adversely affect people’s lives. 
  • An exercise that can help you identify additional streams of income.  
  • How to use this time to engage in the things you were born to do.
  • What it means to shift to a value creation paradigm.
  • The importance of finding creative ways to nurture your relationships. 
  • How to take control of your mental hygiene. 
  • What the greatest bridge to transformation is.  

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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