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For many folks around the world, right now is an immensely challenging time. Many of us are doing our best to make the most of a complicated situation. No matter what hardship you’re facing, there’s always the chance to seek out the opportunities that often present themselves during difficult seasons. 

Today you’re going to learn about tapping into your genius, cultivating your creativity, and the role of gratitude and love during adversity. Our guest is an award-winning poet, multi-platinum songwriter, and influential thought leader, IN-Q. He’s sharing transformational lessons about evolving as a person and finding your creative genius.

This interview is an in-depth look into how you can make authentic changes that add value and improvement to the world around you. You’ll also hear some of IN-Q’s thought-provoking poetry and the inspiration behind his powerful and insightful book. So listen in, take good notes, and get ready to learn from the one and only, IN-Q. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How hip-hop and freestyling can serve as a form of meditation. 
  • The origin story of IN-Q’s book. 
  • Why art can be like alchemy. 
  • How to transform pain into beauty and art. 
  • Why now is the time to foster your own creativity. 
  • How to cultivate more creativity in your life. 
  • Where to find inspiration for creating art. 
  • Why having a creative outlet is necessary at this point in time. 
  • How adaptation can make us stronger and more compassionate. 
  • The importance of being cognizant of the people you surround yourself with.
  • Why gratitude is necessary in every aspect of life. 
  • How to find the opportunities in challenging moments. 
  • Different ways to define love. 
  • The importance of being in service to others and growing as a person. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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