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“Happiness is a quality of the soul, not a function of one’s material circumstances.” -Aristotle 

How do you respond when you face a challenge in life? Whether you’re facing some truly dark days or simply dealing with first world problems, it can be easy to get caught in a cycle of negative thoughts and patterns. I want to encourage you to take a lighthearted approach and focus on abundance. 

Because even when life is hard and you’re up against an obstacle, there is still an opportunity to be found. Today’s guest, Katie Wells, embodies that philosophy. From turning her personal health struggles into a thriving community to getting her mind right in order to set an example for her children, Katie knows a thing or two about turning lemons into lemonade. 

Katie is the founder of the renowned website Wellness Mama, bestselling author of The Wellness Mama Cookbook, and a mom of six who is passionate about uplifting and inspiring other families. On today’s show, she’s sharing personal anecdotes about transforming her own health, why mindset is the key to creating sustainable change, and how to cultivate the love of learning in your children. This episode is packed with powerful insights that I hope will resonate with you. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to find the opportunities in challenging situations.
  • What inspired Katie to invest in her health.
  • The importance of taking ownership over your own wellness.
  • Katie’s journey of getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (& going into remission!) 
  • How stress and trauma can contribute to inflammation in the body. 
  • The catalyst that encouraged Katie to change her body image.
  • What psychoneuroendocrinology is.
  • The difference between training and working out, & why that distinction can be freeing.
  • Why being conscious of our self-talk matters. 
  • How Katie was able to lose weight by eating more. 
  • Why having clean personal care products matters.
  • The effects that conventional hand sanitizer can have on the microbiome.  
  • How to support your children’s education from home. 
  • Ways you can encourage your kids to get involve in their education. 
  • The silver linings of living through a pandemic. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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