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In our Western culture, it’s no secret that there’s a pill for every ill. And while there’s certainly a time and a place for conventional medicine, it’s important that we recognize the multitude of healing modalities that are available to us. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that considers holistic healing practices radical or far out, but the truth is that many healing practices are thousands of years old and have science to affirm them. 

Specifically, acupressure treatments are rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. In acupressure therapy, pressure is applied to certain meridian points to essentially turn on the body’s natural healing mechanisms. With a 2000+ year track record, this healing method is certainly something worth considering. 

Today’s guest, Jessica Ortner is a New York Times Bestselling Author, producer, and creator of the Tapping Solution Meditation App. Jessica is here to share the fascinating data on tapping and how it can be used to heal anxiety, body image, inflammation, and so much more. I hope this episode inspires you to think outside the box and to approach healing in a holistic way. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What acupressure is, and its history. 
  • The experience that exposed Jessica to tapping.
  • How our emotions can manifest physically in our bodies. 
  • The importance of acknowledging your feelings. 
  • Why achievement and anxiety are often linked. 
  • How relaxation can help you tap into your intuition. 
  • What EFT stands for. 
  • How tapping actually works. 
  • The importance of the psychological aspect of tapping.
  • What the Subjective Units of Distress Scale is.
  • Why we don’t need stress and panic in order to change.
  • How tapping can change your emotions around cravings.
  • Why poor body image is often a generational issue.
  • How tapping can influence the expression of genes. 
  • The influence that tapping can have on immunity and inflammation.
  • Where anxiety comes from, and the importance of helping our bodies feel safe.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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