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Have you ever wondered why onions make you cry? Or why asparagus makes your urine smell? Why does pineapple make your mouth tingle? Today we’re going to dive into the science behind some of these strange interactions that food can have with the human body. 

On this episode of The Model Health Show, we’re demystifying some of the effects that certain whole foods can have on our bodies. You’ll learn about the chemical reactions that prominent food compounds can trigger, as well as some of the benefits that can accompany these foods. 

We’re also going to discuss palate changes, how cravings evolve, and the regenerative power of food. This episode is an interesting look into the variety of ways food impacts our bodies, and why eating intentionally can be so powerful. I hope this episode is both entertaining and informative. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What reflex tears are, and why cutting onions activates them.
  • The specific enzymes in onions that irritate the eyes. 
  • What quercetin is, and why you should incorporate it in your diet.
  • The importance of consuming prebiotics. 
  • What PYY is, and the role it plays in appetite regulation. 
  • The roles and responsibilities of the hormone GLP-1.
  • How asparagus consumption can help reduce inflammation. 
  • Why some people don’t like vegetables.
  • What percentage of the population are supertasters.  
  • The definition of fungiform papillae.
  • How nutrient deficiencies can impact your sense of taste. 
  • Simple, realistic ways to add more vegetables into your diet.
  • How changing your palate actually works. 
  • What the main compound is in spicy foods.
  • Why eating spicy food can stimulate your endorphins. 
  • How capsaicin can shift your body fat ratio. 
  • What bromelain is, and how it can affect the immune system. 
  • The definition of post-ingestive feedback. 
  • How cravings have evolved over time. 
  • What it means to heal your palate while still enjoying foods you love. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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