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Much like the array of diets that are available, fasting also comes in different varieties and flavors. Depending on your state of health and your goals, fasting can be a powerful tool at your disposal. When done correctly, fasting has been shown to have a positive impact on body composition, hormone levels, and brain function. 

Today’s guest, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, is the founder of TrueNorth Health Center. TrueNorth is the largest facility in the world that focuses on medically supervised water-only fasting. Dr. Goldhamer is here to share the science behind water-only fasting, including the benefits, process, and protocol. 

You’re going to learn how fasting can be used as a tool for achieving optimal health, and what types of patients achieve the best results from water-only fasting. This episode also contains conversations on the imbalance in conventional medicine, why the Western diet contributes to disease, and the importance of microbiome health. Dr. Goldhamer is a true expert in the field of fasting; I hope his insights will remind you of your body’s innate power to heal and achieve balance. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the body’s number one energy requirement is. 
  • The percentage of US citizens that are metabolically flexible. 
  • My personal experiences with fasting. 
  • What medically supervised water-only fasting is. 
  • Why fasting doesn’t fit into the conventional medicine paradigm. 
  • The roots of the word radical.
  • What percentage of COVID-19 deaths were accompanied by comorbidities.
  • The difference between intermittent fasting and long-term fasting.
  • How fasting can improve insulin sensitivity and type 2 diabetes.
  • Why long-term fasting is associated with lower blood pressure. 
  • How fasting can reduce inflammation markers. 
  • What autophagy is. 
  • How you can restore gut health through fasting. 
  • What an SOS-free diet is. 
  • How salt consumption can lead to overeating. 
  • An important distinction between fasting and starving. 
  • Who fasting is for (and who should avoid it). 
  • What types of body fats are eliminated through fasting. 
  • Why appropriate refeeding is so important after a fast. 
  • The history of fasting.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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