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We know that sedentary behavior is one of the largest contributors to many preventable diseases and ailments. Compared with generations before us, we spend an increasing amount of time being inactive. Thanks to technology, modes of transportation, and societal norms, it’s easier than ever to be sedentary. 

However, we were designed to move. In fact, our bodies and our genes expect us to get physical activity on a regular basis. Today’s guest, Katy Bowman is back on The Model Health Show to talk about how we can create a culture of movement within our homes to set our families up for meaningful activity. Katy is a biomechanist, a bestselling author, and a leader in the Movement movement. 

On today’s show, Katy is sharing powerful tips from her new book, Grow Wild. You’re going to learn about how to effortlessly fit movement into your daily routines, how to get your whole family moving, and how to change the way you think about exercise. I truly hope you gain a lot of value and empowerment from this interview with the one and only, Katy Bowman.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How movement impacts your entire body, down to your cells.
  • The metabolic effects of being sedentary.
  • What a movement drought is, and how mandates have worsened our activity levels.
  • How stacking can help you incorporate more movement into your routine. 
  • Why multitasking doesn’t work. 
  • How to create a celebration or ceremony around movement. 
  • What a container for movement is.
  • The problem with our culture’s lack of permission for movement. 
  • How to reframe and reevaluate movement in your own home.
  • Why you should write a personal mission statement.
  • What mechanical nutrients are.
  • The definition of mechanotransduction, and how it works.
  • Why we should consider movement a critical nutrient. 
  • What movement hunger is. 
  • How our bodies adapt to sitting and other sedentary behaviors.
  • Why we have to stop separating ourselves from nature.
  • What makes walking a nutrient dense movement 
  • The benefits of walking, and realistic ways to fit it into your routine. 
  • What the number one driver of movement is. 
  • The power and function of the human jaw.
  • What a snacktivity is.
  • How our clothing can hinder our movement and functionality. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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