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Most people believe that weight loss is a simple science of calories in, calories out. However, our bodies have a deep, intrinsic intelligence that is much more complex than simple math. Health is a holistic culmination of many systems and factors, including gut health, hormones, emotions, and much more. 

One of the pioneers in dispelling the calorie management myth is Jonathan Bailor. Jonathan is a New York Times Bestselling author, a self-proclaimed evangelist for experts, and a filmmaker. On this episode of The Model Health Show, Jonathan is sharing insights from his new movie, Better. 

You’re going to learn about the hidden factors contributing to our diabesity epidemic and how we can start to unlock our body’s innate healing mechanisms. Jonathan is sharing how shame ties into health problems, how your body’s set point works, and the powerful link between emotional motivation and actionable change. So listen in and enjoy this interview with the incredible Jonathan Bailor! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What epicaloric controllers are.
  • The role that the microbiome plays in obesity. 
  • What diabesity is. 
  • Why we need to consider how we approach diabesity.
  • What medical literature suggests about obesity and diabetes.
  • Why we need to stop treating obesity as a character flaw.
  • The definition of set point theory. 
  • Why our bodies (and all living things) are constantly trying to maintain balance.
  • What the cure for diabesity is.
  • The three components of the body that regulate the set point. 
  • How a series of feedback loops in the body can impact how much you weigh.
  • Why neurological inflammation can impact body weight.
  • How to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms. 
  • The cultural and genetic reasons behind the obesity epidemic.
  • How shame ties into weight problems.
  • Why healing trauma can help improve your health.
  • How emotion and behavior change are linked. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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