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“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

We are constantly evolving, both figuratively and literally. As our cells turn over in our body, we essentially become renewed. Simultaneously, our experiences, thoughts, and perceptions shape who we become and help us evolve over time. The process is inevitable, but your participation in your growth is up to you. 

If you ever wanted to learn more about transformation, unlocking your potential, and becoming an active participant in your evolution, there is no better teacher than Dr. Michael Beckwith. Dr. Beckwith is one of the greatest thought leaders in the space of personal development, meditation, and manifestation. He is a highly regarded speaker, meditation teacher, author, and seminar leader. He is also the founder and Spiritual Director at Agape International Spiritual Center. 

On this episode of The Model Health Show, Dr. Michael Beckwith is back to share enlightening insights on raising your frequency, eliminating limiting beliefs, and practicing life changing gratitude. He’s also sharing wisdom on finding opportunities and beauty during dark times, and why our society is going through a great awakening. There is a ton of valuable, transformative information packed into this episode, and I hope you are open to receiving it. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why the human body is like a lightbulb.
  • What it means to treat your body like a temple. 
  • Why it’s critical to have a clear purpose for your existence.
  • An important distinction between energy that informs and energy that transforms.
  • What it means to participate in your transformation.
  • The importance of being cognizant of your words.
  • How to raise your frequency with your thoughts.
  • Why fear and negativity can stifle your growth.
  • How gratitude can change your life. 
  • The two biggest imposters and how to overcome them.
  • What it means to watch your own thoughts.
  • The four windows of manifestation.
  • Why we need to change our perspective and ask empowering questions. 
  • How Michael’s meditation practice has evolved over time.
  • The difference between being special and being specialized. 
  • Why opportunity doesn’t just knock once. 
  • What malicious hypnotism is.
  • Why we’re in a great awakening and how to take advantage of opportunity.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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