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Many of the personal care products that are marketed as healthy have actually been chemicalized overtime to contain carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting compounds. These little hits of toxic chemicals can accumulate in our bodies over time and wreak havoc on our overall health. This is what Darin Olein refers to as fatal conveniences. 

On today’s show, we’re diving into common fatal conveniences like store-bought mouthwashes, cough syrup, commercial flights, laptops, and so much more. But Darin isn’t here to bombard you with scare tactics about the products you might be using. Instead, he’s going to inform you on how to find healthy alternatives to your personal care products and ways to reduce your exposure to these fatal conveniences.

If you want to eliminate or mitigate your exposure to common harmful toxins, Darin is a well-informed and conscious resource on this subject. I hope you’ll leave this episode with at least one small tweak you can make to support your health, your household, and the environment. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What a fatal convenience is.
  • The truth about regulatory agencies, and why we need to be our own watchdogs.
  • Why eating well alone is not enough for optimal health. 
  • Which chemicals are hiding in your dental floss.
  • How mouthwash can disturb your oral microbiome. 
  • Alternative products you can use for oral health and freshness.
  • What germ theory and terrain theory are. 
  • Two ways that lip balm can damage your health.
  • Why commercial flights are a fatal convenience.
  • The problem with conventional cough syrups.
  • Why humans cough as a protective mechanism. 
  • How to block EMF signals from your devices.
  • A journaling prompt you can use to help you reach your goals.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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