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The human brain is one of the most unique, powerful, and adaptive objects in the known universe. Up until a few decades ago, researchers believed that changes in the brain could only develop throughout infancy and childhood. We now know that no matter what age you are, your incredible brain is capable of change, creating new connections, and rewiring its pathways. 

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a brilliant neuroscientist and tenured professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine. As the director of Huberman Lab at Stanford, he is a true expert on brain development, function, and plasticity. In part one of this interview series, Dr. Huberman is sharing incredible insights on upgrading your brain through sunlight exposure, cold therapy, and breathing techniques. 

You’re going to learn the science behind how the brain is constantly adapting to its environment, and what you can do to set your brain up for success. These clinically proven strategies for upgrading your brain are free, simple, and accessible to everyone. So listen in, take good notes, and enjoy the show! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How the brain is unlike any other organ in the body. 
  • What neuroplasticity is. 
  • The conditions that determine whether stress is good or bad for us.
  • How the mind and the body respond to stress.  
  • What you need to know about adrenaline and epinephrine. 
  • How cortisol levels cycle throughout the day. 
  • The importance of taking in morning sunlight. 
  • Three main practices you can implement to anchor your stress response system.
  • What ICU psychosis is. 
  • How to optimize the time you spend on social media. 
  • Why associating positive thoughts with behaviors can change your stress response. 
  • Two simple tools you can use when you feel stressed. 
  • The physiological similarities between deep breathing and exercise.
  • How cold water impacts dopamine levels. 
  • Which foundational movement is associated with brain and body longevity.
  • How to work with your brain’s reward system. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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