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What does it mean to you to live a healthy and active lifestyle? And more importantly, have you given yourself permission for that definition to shift through different phases and circumstances of your life? Over the past couple years, many people have had to pivot their movement practices and reframe what an exercise routine looks like.  

On today’s show, Lita Lewis is back to share her refreshing perspective on incorporating realistic movement into your routine. Lita is an expert fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and the founder of Thick Athletics Apparel. Her realistic and uplifting approach to fitness is inspiring, and it’s one that’s needed now more than ever. 

You’re going to learn about honoring your body, redefining consistency, and what it means to pursue your best life. This interview also contains conversations on pivoting and adapting your workouts, why gratitude for our bodies is so important, and so much more. At a time when it’s of upmost importance to get ourselves, our families, and our communities healthier, Lita’s message is incredibly powerful.  

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The link between sedentary behavior and COVID-19 outcomes.
  • Why the workouts you see on social media might be unrealistic for the average person.
  • The power of simple, enjoyable movement.
  • How exercise can help combat stress.
  • The importance of getting your family outside.
  • How Lita pivoted her workouts in the beginning of the pandemic.
  • The value of knowing how to adapt. 
  • What consistency means for Lita, and how that definition has shifted over time.
  • How Lita incorporates movement into her routine.
  • Why gratitude and appreciation for your body is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. 
  • What inspired the creation of Thick Athletics Apparel.
  • Why being resourceful is so important today.
  • How to take your recovery seriously. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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