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One of the most fascinating and advancing areas of science is the field of microbiome research. Our understanding of our microbiome and its role has rapidly grown over the past few decades. The evolving knowledge of our microbial system shapes how we understand our biology, health outcomes, immune function, and so much more. 

The health of our microbiome is linked to a myriad of aspects of our health, including our ability to fight viruses, our weight and metabolism, and susceptibility to major illnesses like cancer, autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease. And while we do inherit some aspects of our microbiome, there is a lot that is within our control when it comes to determining our microbial health. 

On this compilation episode, you’re going to hear insights and actionable tips from various experts on microbial health. This episode contains important information on how our microbes control different aspects of our lives, which medications can damage gut health, and which foods are essential for microbial diversity. You’ll learn why the microbiome is a main pillar of human health, and what you can do to positively impact the health of your microbiome. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How our understanding of the microbiome has evolved over recent decades.
  • The importance of having a healthy diversity of microbes.
  • How our microbes can control our mood, appetite, and more.
  • Why changing your gut bacteria can determine your fate.
  • How long it takes the microbiome to recover from broad-spectrum antibiotics.
  • What the most prescribed drug in the world is, and its negative effects.
  • The role that stomach acid plays in regulating gut bacteria. 
  • Why it’s vital to be cautious about antibiotic use.
  • How drinking enough water aids in proper digestion.
  • The hidden cost of chemicals in modern agriculture. 
  • What it means to have a richness and diversity in the microbiome.
  • Why gut health plays a critical role in preventing pandemics.
  • What percentage of the immune system is located in the gut.
  • The importance of recognizing bio-individuality when it comes to diet and gut health. 
  • What the five types of microbes are that comprise our gut ecosystem. 
  • The number one thing you can do to influence your microbiome health. 
  • Why allergies and autoimmune diseases are linked to gut damage. 
  • The connection between microbiome diversity and weight. 
  • How to improve the diversity of your gut microbiome. 
  • Specific foods you can incorporate to support your gut health.
  • Why eating seasonally can impact your microbiome. 
  • The benefits of eating fermented food (& how many servings you should aim for!)
  • Why sleep and microbiome are two of the main pillars of health. 
  • How soil depletion and nutrient depletion are intertwined.
  • What postbiotics are. 
  • Why diets like low-FODMAP or SCD can damage mitochondrial health.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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