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When it comes to building a healthier and stronger body, the simple, consistent basics often yield the highest results. My friend Mike Dolce has over 20 years coaching experience, he is a four-time World MMA Trainer of the Year and the expert behind The Dolce Diet. What I love about Mike is that while he works with both professional athletes and everyday folks, he applies the same principles to all his clients. 

On this episode of The Model Health Show, Mike Dolce is sharing key principles to weight loss, body recomposition, and overall health and longevity. Mike is sharing his scientifically proven nutrition tips and exercise templates that you can use to build a stronger and healthier body. Best of all, he’s sharing realistic advice for integrating health-promoting habits into your daily life, whether or not you’re an MMA athlete. 

Mike’s mission is to educate people to look and feel their best. His message is motivational, but more importantly, his insights are effective. I hope Mike’s tips will resonate with you and that you’ll find this episode empowering. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What high net nutrient whole foods are.
  • Why the Dolce Diet is a longevity-based approach.
  • The importance of eating fresh, local, in-season foods. 
  • Why protein is so important, and how to calculate how much you need.
  • The problem with processed sugar.
  • Why humans are omnivores.
  • What it means to eat to satisfaction, and not fullness. 
  • The most important nutrition tip. 
  • How to create digestive efficiency, and why it matters. 
  • The shocking effects dehydration can have on your cognitive function.
  • Simple, real-world tips to help you drink more water.
  • The negative implications obesity can have on other aspects of our health.
  • Exactly how often you should exercise every week.
  • Why humans are built to walk. 
  • What a unilateral deadlift is and its benefits.
  • How to remove your ego from a workout.  

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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