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There’s a relatively new ingredient in our food supply that has permeated most products on grocery store shelves: highly processed vegetable and seed oils. These oils, such as canola oil and soybean oil, are highly refined, ultra-processed, high in inflammatory fatty acids—and they’re contributing to our high rates of obesity, degenerative brain diseases, and more chronic illnesses.

The foremost expert in this topic is Dr. Cate Shanahan. In her book, The Fatburn Fix, Dr. Cate outlines how an overabundance of these seed oils are contributing to our major health problems and what we can do about it. On today’s show, she’s sharing her insights on the big issue with processed seed oils in the Standard American Diet.

You’re going to learn about which specific seed oils to avoid, how they’re created, and what makes them so toxic for human health. Dr. Cate is sharing how cutting out seed oils can eradicate some of our major killers, plus simple swaps you can make to better your health instantly. So click play and enjoy this interview with Dr. Cate Shanahan! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The number one risk factor for cardiovascular disease. 
  • How vegetable oils can promote inflammation. 
  • Which product is the defining feature of junk food in the Standard American Diet.
  • What the hateful eight are and why you should avoid them. 
  • The specific mechanism that makes seed oils toxic. 
  • How refined oils are heated, bleached, and processed. 
  • Which molecules in fried food are similar to smoking cigarettes.
  • What soy lecithin is and how it’s created.
  • How low-quality oils can affect the brain. 
  • What percentage of fat calories in the average American diet come from seed oils.
  • How polyunsaturated fats get stored in body fat.
  • The process of oxidation, how it occurs, and why it ages us.  
  • Which part of the brain needs the most antioxidants. 
  • How seed oils are connected to chronic degenerative brain diseases.
  • The amount of seed oils the average American consumes every year. 
  • Why obesity is a form of organ failure. 
  • The role the liver plays in detoxification, and how seed oils can disturb its processes. 
  • Where extra polyunsaturated fats get stored in the body.
  • Two skin conditions that can quickly clear up by reducing PUFAs. 
  • The relationship between seed oils and sugar cravings.
  • Healthy sources of fat you should include in your diet. 
  • How PUFAs can impact the microbiome. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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